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This Gecko is not a lizard. It is a bluetooth low energy (BLE) device that works as an appcessory (an accessory with smartphone app), to make your smartphone even smarter. “The product Geck...

July 29, 2015


Brickwork India is not just the pioneer of the virtual assistant services concept but the most famous one as well. It has prominently featured in two global bestsellers—The World is Flat by...

July 29, 2015

Pedalling a Green Cause

Bambikes promises physical exercise, fresh air and in addition reduces your carbon footprint on Mother Earth. The architect of India's Bambikes, Mr Vijay Sharma, passionately desires that more peop...

February 18, 2014

Building Robots with Human Intelligence

Aakash Sinha, Robotics Scientist and Founder of Omnipresent Robot Tech, has an impressive resume. He has worked with some top US robotics companies including Lockheed-Martin. As an employee he prov...

February 18, 2014

Innovating for the Farmer

In March 2012, then President Pratibha Patil presented the Sixth National Grassroots Innovation Awards to 47 innovators of India. Among the top three honorees was Mr Gurmail Singh Dhonsi of Gangana...

February 18, 2014

With a Human Heart

The field of biomedical engineering is just coming into its own in India. CGN Research Labs is unique in its devotion to the promotion of cutting-edge research, technology and innovation in a field...

February 18, 2014

A Green Extension

It is a bit incongruous to find a game application on a website which is purported to have unleashed a quiet revolution in India's countryside. But right below the neatly stacked vignettes of farmi...

February 18, 2014

Nurturing Innovation

Genome Valley is India's first biotechnology cluster and home to some of the most prestigious research and development (R&D) institutions. It provides world-class infrastructure to more than 100 bi...

February 18, 2014
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