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Online Engagement builds a Great Reputation to your Business

Satish Kota, Founder, ReputationXL & Revbay

Mar 28, 2016 16:12

Many times we think, "Are we doing enough to keep our customers motivated to be with us? ".... With growing competition, everyone out there is looking to snatch your customer towards their way...

Engagement with the company or the brand in the internet has become very important for the success of a business. Engagement involves getting people on the social platform and to make them connected with your business. Engagement turns people into True Believers and they become your brand ambassadors or influencers.

Most of your customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, distributors, buyers, etc., have a social presence. You should get them to talk about your business in their social media pages. Get them on board your social media pages. Ask them to speak about you on the internet.

Engaging a Customer Online

Most of your customers today have a social presence unless you are catering to the rural industry. You should induce them to talk about your business on their social media pages and engage them on your blogs. Invite them to speak about you online and to share information about your business on social media. Your reputation improves when your customer shares a review or testimonial about you on their networks. Your word-of-mouth gets a shot in the arm.

Also when customers praise your business, it improves your reputation. It will improve your customer’s reputation as well, as they create trust among others who follow them.

Employees Engaging for you Online

Engaging Employees online is like engaging customers. Most of your employees have a social presence. Employees can carry out a lot of activities online. They can join community forums and groups and act as experts by providing suggestions to people seeking answers to their problems. They can write articles and blogs that will educate people about the industry. The blogs could also be individual and not connected to the business. Irrespective of levels of expertise, every employee can promote your business and improve following for the business. So encourage your employees to be part of industry groups, social media forums, groups etc.

The best way to engage employees is to first get them connected to your social media pages. Ask them to update their work profile in their social media pages to link to your social media page. They can like or follow your company page or profile and then share content posted by the online/digital marketing team with their network.

Engaging your Vendors and Partners

If you have any vendors, partners or suppliers, then they too would be on social media. One of the mechanisms of creating opportunities is to get them on your social media and ask them to share information. The advantage in Vendors sharing with respect to your employees is that your vendors are business owners themselves, which means their network would be more stronger than the employee's network and hence the business would get more opportunities by engaging them online.

A Vendor also has a vested interest in promoting you, because your business being successful business will lead to more opportunities for them too and hence they would be more pro-active in promoting you.

So you now know how engaging will reap benefits for your business and your activities and I believe you would take actions on engaging people and grow your business.