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Raymond Ltd

  • Revenues stood at US$ 758 million during FY12
  • 60 per cent market share in worsted suiting in India
  • Mastered the craft of producing the finest suitings in the world
  • First to introduce Polyester-Wool and Polyester-Wool-Viscose in the India
  • Export product to over 55 countries

Raymond Ltd

With a capacity of 38 million meters in wool and wool-blended fabrics, Raymond commands over 60 per cent market share in worsted suiting in India and ranks amongst the first three fully integrated manufacturers of worsted suiting in the world. We are perhaps the only company in the world to have a diverse product range of nearly 20,000 design and colours of suiting fabric to suit every age, occasion and style. Raymond export products to over 55 countries including USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and the Middle East.

Raymond produces high-value pure-wool, wool-blended and premium polyester viscose worsted suiting in addition to half a million blankets and shawls. Our strong in-house skills for research and development have always resulted in path-breaking new products raising the standard of the Indian textile industry.


Raymond: A long journey of success

1964 Vertical integration in multi-fibres
1980 Transformed into industrial conglomerate
1996 Capacity of 40 million meters
2002 Acquisition of ColorPlus
2007 Joint venture (JV) with GAS in India
Indian textiles and apparel industry contributed 2.3% to the GDP of India, 13% to industrial production and 12% to export earnings.