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Global companies look to ramp up India ops in next few years

Investors ranging from Goldman Sachs to IBM, DHL, Brookfield, and few of the semiconductor giants have told the government that they intend to significantly expand their Indian operations over the next two to three years, amid signals from the US that several companies are looking to reduce their reliance on China.

The Rs. 2 lakh crore (US$ 25.8 billion) production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme has already seen several large manufacturers establish facilities in India, with some of them being relocated from other nations. Furthermore, some asset monetisation schemes are attracting interest from a number of global investors, particularly on the REIT and InvIT front.

India's recent progress in terms of free trade agreements has improved the investment climate, as trade partners ranging from Australia and the UAE to Canada see the country in a more favourable light. Further, the decision of several US and European companies to reduce their reliance on China in the post-Covid world has aided India.

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