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Mr. Bhupender Yadav launched new features in the eShram Portal to enhance the utility of the portal and facilitate ease of registration for unorganised workers

Union Minister for Labour & Employment and Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Mr. Bhupender Yadav, launched new features in eShram Portal on April 24, 2023.

The new features that have been introduced to the eShram platform will increase its usefulness and make it easier for unorganised workers to register. The eShram platform now allows eShram registered workers to connect with employment possibilities, skills, apprenticeships, pension plans, digital skills, and state programmes.

The eShram portal now offers a facility for recording migrant worker's family members' information. This feature can assist in offering women and child-centred programmes to migratory employees who have moved with their families. Further, a new feature on sharing of data of construction workers registering on eShram with the concerned Building and Other Construction Workers’ (BOCW) Welfare Board, has been added to ensure registration of eShram construction workers with the respective BOCW board and access to the schemes meant for them. 

The Data Sharing Portal (DSP), which allows eShram data to be shared with State and UT governments, was also formally launched by the Union Minister. The Data Sharing Portal will make it possible to securely share information on eShram beneficiaries with the relevant States and Union Territories for the purpose of implementing social security and welfare programmes for unorganised employees who have registered with eShram.

The country's employee welfare is a constant concern for the Ministry of Labour & Employment. On August 26, 2021, the Ministry launched the eShram portal in support of this initiative in order to establish a thorough, Aadhaar-seed national database of unorganised workers. Over 28.87 crore unorganised workers had registered on the eShram platform as of April 21, 2023.

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