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Railway Revenue Earnings jumped by 76% in Passenger Segment

Indian Railways has registered an increase of 76% in the revenue generated during April - November 2022 as compared to last year. The approximate revenue in the period this year has been US$ 5 billion in comparison to US$ 3 billion last year. The reserved passenger segment showed an increase of 50% as compared to last year. On the other hand, the revenue generated in the unreserved passenger segment highlighted a growth of 422% this year during the April - November period.

The reserved passenger segment witnessed 536 million (5,365 lakhs) passengers from April to November 2022, while the number of passengers in the reserved passenger segment was 486 million (4,860 lakhs) during the same period last year. Similarly, the unreserved passenger segment saw an upsurge of 155% with 3 billion (35,273 lakhs) passengers in April- November this year, as compared to 1 billion (13,813 lakhs) passengers last year in this time frame.

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