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Rajnath Singh unveils 27 projects to bolster border infrastructure

  • IBEF
  • December 29, 2021

Defence Minister Mr Rajnath Singh unveiled 27 roads and bridges projects implemented by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), which included one built at an altitude of more than 19,000 feet on the Umling-La pass in southern Ladakh. Mr Rajnath Singh highlighted that the road has become the world’s highest motorable road. He acknowledged that the BRO accomplished the "historic accomplishment" of constructing the road in southern Ladakh despite various hurdles, including extreme altitude and sub-zero temperatures.

He also stated that the construction of border infrastructure was part of measures to improve India's preparedness to face any security challenge. He said India would not have been able to respond forcefully to the adversary in the northern sector if there was no infrastructure in the region. "The situation we faced in the northern sector recently, and the manner in which we were able to respond strongly to the adversary, would not have been possible without appropriate infrastructure development," Mr Singh said in a reference to the Eastern Ladakh row.

The roads in border areas, according to the Defence Minister, are not only for strategic purposes, but also to ensure that isolated communities participate equally in the nation's growth. "In this way, these bridges, roads and tunnels play an important role in our security, and in empowering the entire nation," he said.

Mr Singh stated that India's monitoring system should be strengthened in the same way that the country's border infrastructure is. This would help in countering issues such as border incursions, clashes, illegal trade, and smuggling. "In view of all this, the government has recently started the CIBMS, that is Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System," he said.

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