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Reserve Bank balance sheet grew by 8.46 per cent in FY22: Annual report

The size of the Reserve Bank's balance sheet increased by 8.46% in FY22, from Rs. 57.07 trillion (US$ 735.8 billion) to Rs. 61.90 trillion (US$ 798.1 billion), reflecting its liquidity and foreign exchange operations during the year.

While income for the year increased by 20.14%, the expenditure increased sharply by 280.13%, as per the RBI's annual report for 2021-22.

The year ended with an overall surplus of Rs. 30,307.45 crore (US$ 3.91 billion) as against Rs. 99,122 crore (US$ 12.78 billion) in the previous year (FY21).

The growth on the asset side was attributed to an increase in foreign and domestic investments, gold, and advances. Deposits, notes issued, and other liabilities increased, resulting in an increase in liabilities. 

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