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Vistara to order 26 CFM engines worth $2.4 bn for 13 new Airbus A320 Neos

IBEF:  October 18, 2019

Vistara has decided to place $2.4 billion worth of orders for 26 CFM-manufactured Leap-1A engines to power its 13 new Airbus A320 Neos, which also includes a maintenance contract.

Vistara stated that "The 13 A320 Neos are in addition to the 37 leased A320 family of Neos that the Tata-Singapore Airlines-run Vistara had ordered from Airbus in July 2018" along with the statement, the first of its 13 deliveries are expecting to be delivered by end of the month.

Out of 32 planes10 are the A320 Neo planes in Vistara fleet.

Vistara chief executive, Leslie Thng said,  "We are extending our partnership with CFM International and select the Leap-1A engines for our new aircraft"
In May 2017, New-Delhi based airline took delivery of the first leap-1A Airbus A320 Neo and currently operated 10 leads planes.

For  the maintenance of 120 Leap-1A engines, Vistara has signed a long-term rate per flight hour agreement, which will power its 60 Airbus planes in service or on order.

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