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Last updated: Feb, 2020


Zuper is a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for organizations, irrespective of shape and size. It is the first in Asia to offer voice biometrics-based timesheet management of workforce. Zuper offers an end to end platform to bring together the power of people, process, product and promise with mobility and Internet of Things. Organisations using Zuper have increased workforce utilisation by over 50 per cent, reduced services turnaround time by over 35 per cent, increased customer adoption and profitability by over 45 per cent and reduced costs by over 30 per cent.

The companyhas more than 40 clients across ten different cities in India and Singapore, and is deployed in more than 500 client sites catering to around 6,000 end users. After registering a revenue run rate of about US$ 200,000 for FY18 with monthly growth rates of over 30 per cent , the company is planning to expand its business in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Middle East and reach Series-A round funding by 2019 end.

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