RFP for Online Campaign for India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF)

  • Published Date: July 12, 2017
  • Submission Date: August 1, 2017 up to 05:00 PM

Result: The project has been awarded to Operative Marketing on L1 basis (lowest bid).

Update August 17, 2017

Following companies have been shortlisted for Financial Bid Opening–

  • TSD Corporation
  • Operative Marketing
  • Ventures

Short listed companies may attend the financial bid opening on Aug 18, 2017 at 11 AM at IBEF office.


Update August 2, 2017

Nine Proposals have been received from the following companies on or before the last date of submission:

  • Auburn Digital
  • Beehive Communications
  • CyberMedia
  • EAD Cosmos Media & Communication
  • India News Communications
  • TSD
  • Operative Marketing
  • Silver Bullet
  • Ventures Advertising

Update July 21, 2017

Pre- Bid Queries:

S. No.

RFP Document Reference(s)

(Section & Page Number(s)


Content of RFP requiring



IBEF Response


Pt 1.2.2 Under Minimum Eligibility Criteria

It's difficult to produce a RFP in relation to a campaign executed. As the contracts are long term and campaigns come on irregular basis, with no definite brief mentioned in RFP itself.

We could give pointers on brief received instead. Will that do?


You may include ongoing projects as ref and case studies



Pt 1.2.2 Under Minimum Eligibility Criteria

How many Professionals are Required? There's no mention of categories of resources required.

Pls specify them, so we can provide appropriate CV's.

(OR incase you want us to suggest a team ourselves?)

That needs to be decided by you depending upon the strategy suggested in your proposal.Suggested Teammust fulfill all the requirementsmentioned underthe scope of work mentioned in RFP.


Pt. 1.3.2 Under Scope of Work

It says that campaign will include the promotion of IBEF events

during the year. So we should also include In-house Video Production & Livestream capabilities of the Agency as a Minimum Eligibility Criteria, as these events may have huge scope for Webcast / Livestream (with Fb Live / Periscope being a huge rage)

Need/requirement of Live coverage will be decided by the IBEF.


Pt. 1.3.6. Under Scope of Work

It states - Online campaign will include Live Twitter (Periscope), Twitter Trending and Live Facebook sessions.
Will these Livestream activities be paid for separately, event basis?? As they involve high quality production equipment & skilled manpower.

Going live withreasonable qualityof hardware needs to be part of retainer fee, However, there might be a requirement of high quality hardware which can be decided upon separately.


Pt. 1.3.9. Under Scope of Work

"Social Media Monitoring Program" – Will there be additional commercial clause for payment towards subscribing authentic tools for such program?

It should be part of your management fee.


Pt 1.3.10. on Pg. 4

Require Clarity on Project duration as in a particular point It is stated 2 Months whereas everywhere else, it is stated 1 year?

Project duration is 1 year. However, a strategy and corresponding matrix with projected numbersneeds to be provided for MSV Berno as stated clearly in RFP.


Pt 1.5.6 Pg. 6

Fixed annual management fee, from the date of issue of work order, has to include management fee for one year. So this fee is inclusive of the manpower / Hardware / software / Infrastructure cost + Agency Service Fee ??

Yes. Management fee for managing an online campaign worth INR 50 lacs should be quoted.

Update July 19, 2017

Pre-bid meeting will be held at IBEF office on 21 July, 2017 at 10:00 am.