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Parle Agro

  • Largest Indian food and beverage company
  • First ever company globally to offer a single pack of beverage at a price point as low as 2.5
  • Launched India's first ever fruit-based drink
  • Launched India's first baked snack

Parle Agro is the largest Indian food and beverage company, which started in 1959 as Baroda Bottling Company for carbonated beverages. The original Parle company was started in the year 1929 and was owned by the Chauhan family.

Parle became popular with the release of its products such as Frooti and Parle-G. Parle Agro, today, is a Rs 2,200 Crore (US$ 364.93 million) organisation. They are known as much for their diversification into the foods sector as for their leadership in the beverages sector. Parle operates under four business verticals: Beverages (fruit drinks, nectars, sparkling drinks and carbonated soft drink), Packaged Drinking Water, Foods, and pet preforms. Each of these verticals operates as independent entities.

In the recent past, Parle has aggressively grown their infrastructure to 76 manufacturing facilities, both in India and overseas, and has developed a widespread network of 3,500 distributors that cater to more than 600,000 outlets in the country. It also has a strong presence in about 44 countries.


Parle Agro: Only Global Indian F&B Company

2013 Launches Cafe Cuba which is India's first coffee beverage
2012 Launches Joystix with a unique format in confectionery market and Hippo World Toasties with international flavours in Indian market
2009 Launches India's first baked snack, Hippo, in a unique format of toasties
2007 Diversifies into foods sector with confectionery
1993 Sells rights of carbonated beverages and introduces Bailley packaged drinking water
1985 Launches India's first fruit-based drink - Frooti
Food Processing
India’s share in global sugar production in 2022 is forecast at 15 per cent at around 32 million tonnes.