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  • Leading global pharmaceutical company
  • More than 1,500 products various therapeutic categories
  • Second largest pharma company in India in 2017 as per Moving Annual Turnover (MAT)
  • Over 43 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for API and formulations
  • Ranked amongst the top 10 most dispensed generic companies in North America

Cipla is a leading pharmaceutical from India with presence across the world. It was established in 1935 as Chemical Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd and changed to its current name in 1984. The company has a vast portfolio with more than 1,500 products in the market. The company’s business is divided into three strategic units - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Respiratory and Cipla Global Access. Its largest market is India which contributed 39 per cent to its revenues in FY18, followed by Africa and North America with contribution of 22 per cent and 17 per cent, respectively. Its total income reached Rs 11,779.69 crore (US$ 1.83 billion). In 9M FY19, total revenue of the company reached Rs 16,362 crore (US$ 2.36 billion).

Company Website:

Cipla – Caring for Life.

2017 Received approval for Q-TIB from World Health Organisation (WHO)
2016 Sold its stake in Chase
2014 Acquired minority stake in US-based Chase Pharma
2013 Acquired 100 per cent stake in Medpro South Africa
2005 Set up formulation facility in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh
2002 Set up four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Goa
1999 Strategic partnership with Ranbaxy
1987 Launched several new products
1985 Approval from FDA for bulk drug manufacturing plants
1984 Name changed to Cipla
1952 Set up of first research division
1935 Incorporated in Mumbai, Maharashtra as Chemical Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd


Updated: May, 2019

The exports are expected to reach US$ 20 billion by 2020.