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Tristar RetailAlps Industries

  • Leading player in the Indian branded retail space
  • Presence in a variety of retail sectors
  • Established connections with leading global brands
  • Over 1,50,000 sq feet of retail space
  • 150 individual branded stores and has presence across 47 cities and 9 states

Tristar Group was incorporated in 1999 as a private limited company named Tristar Retail Private Limited. Today, Tristar is recognised as one of the leading player running branded stores In India. The company has presence in west and North India and gradually marking its presence in different locations across India. It has got different group companies under Tristar name for different Brands.

Today the Group has presence in Retail, Distribution , Education , Automobile Dealerships, Hospitality Sectors & Modular Furniture Manufacturing. The company has established association with leading brands in India like Reebok, Levis, John Players, Levis Signature, Titan watches, Titan Eye + , Nokia and Maruti Suzuki.


Tristar Retail: Leading Indian Retail Company

2011 Expands Titan Eye Plus in the north to include four cities in Punjab
2010 Receives two awards from Reebok for excellence
2008 Adopts new brands Levi Straus, World of Titan and Titan Eye Plus
2007 Makes new arrangement with Lee Cooper and establishes its retail outlet in Ahmedabad
2005 Inaugurates the first in-house retail outlet of Melange in Nagpur
Cumulative FDI inflow in retail sector between stood at US$ 2.17 billion April 2000 and June 2020.