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1.5 crore MSMEs on the Udyam portal is the reflection of India’s economic self-reliance: MSME Minister Mr. Narayan Rane

Medium, Small, and Micro Enterprises (MSME) Minister Mr. Narayan Rane praised the increase in registration mark since the launch of the Udyam portal in July, 2020 and noted that the portal's milestone of 1.5 crore registrations in March this year is a reflection of the nation's self-reliance and prosperity.

The minister highlighted that more MSMEs had registered on the portal in the previous two years, when only 28 lakh were registered. According to the data on the portal, 1.72 crore MSMEs had registered on the Udyam portal as of May 3, 2023.

According to data available on the MSME Dashboard portal, Maharashtra led the tally with the highest registration count of 29.14 lakh, followed by Tamil Nadu with 16.44 lakh registrations, Uttar Pradesh with 13.54 lakh, Gujarat with 12.02 lakh, and Rajasthan with 11.89 lakh.

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