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38,650 Km Length of Railway Electrification Achieved Since 2014 Till Oct 2023

Railway projects are sanctioned and executed based on Zonal Railway considerations rather than being organised State-wise, given that these projects often extend across state boundaries. As of April 1, 2023, a total of 231 Doubling projects, covering 20,296 km and involving an approximate cost of Rs. 2.70 lakh crore (US$ 32.39 billion) is in various stages of planning, approval or construction across Indian Railways. Among these, 5,455 km has already been commissioned, incurring an expenditure of around Rs. 1.03 lakh crore (US$ 1.23 billion) by March 2023.


The accomplishment of railway electrification projects, totalling 38,650 km since 2014 up to October 31, 2023, represents a significant achievement. Till 2014, 21,801 km of railway electrification was attained.

The completion timeline for electrification projects is contingent on several factors, including obtaining forest clearances, relocating utilities, securing statutory approvals from diverse authorities, and navigating geological and topographical conditions. Factors such as law and order situations in project areas and the number of viable working months due to climatic conditions contribute to project completion timelines. Consequently, determining a confirmed timeframe for project completion at this stage is challenging.

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