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5G rollout to unlock massive job opportunities in India: Govt

According to the Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications, Mr. K Rajaraman, the coming of 5G and other new telecommunication technologies will bring a flood of new job opportunities, necessitating appropriate skilling of workers. He made the remarks while speaking at a Telecom Sector Skill Council event (TSSC).

He stated that 5G will create jobs in fields such as augmented reality, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and others. He urged the industry to pay particular attention to the development of a talent pipeline to address these new opportunities.

He pointed out that fixed wireline broadband, which has low penetration levels, much below worldwide standards, has plenty of space for double-digit growth.

Mr. Rajaraman also encouraged TSSC to actively cooperate with other nations to sign some mutual recognition agreements in the certification systems in the telecom industry, noting that technology and communications standards are common worldwide.

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