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82.85% of Gen Y prefer investing in mutual funds, shows survey

  • IBEF
  • December 20, 2023

Aspero, a SEBI-registered entity specializing in fixed-income investments, is taking a lead role in addressing the mental health aspects associated with wealth creation. In collaboration with Amaha, a mental health organization, the organization has released a pioneering report that reflects a growing acknowledgment of the intricate relationship between financial well-being and mental health.

Chief Operating Officer at Aspero, Mr. Vibhor Mittal, emphasized the significance of recognizing the nuanced connection between wealth creation and an individual's well-being in financial planning. It was stated that Aspero's collaboration with Amaha for this report delves into the psychological dimensions of wealth accumulation, emphasizing the importance of a balanced and informed investment approach. It was also noted that by unveiling these insights, Aspero aims to guide investors toward strategies that not only augment wealth but also contribute to their overall welfare.

The report highlights the substantial influence of digital platforms on contemporary investor decision-making and unveils how individuals manage stress through their investment choices. Tailored for a diverse demographic of employed professionals, the survey delves into risk tolerance, investment preferences, and external factors. Through the integration of quantitative data, age-specific risk analysis, and qualitative perspectives, the report provides a comprehensive understanding of participants' financial behaviors.

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