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Bengaluru Airport launches India's first biometric-enabled self-bag drop facility

Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL), the operator of Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), has introduced India's inaugural biometric-enabled self-bag drop facility, catering to DigiYatra domestic passengers flying with Tata Group Airlines from Terminal 2. This innovative feature enables passengers to initiate the self-bag drop process seamlessly by scanning their faces. It eliminates the need for a printed boarding pass or ID, previously required for utilizing the self-bag drop facility at KIA.

Renowned for pioneering technological advancements, Bengaluru airport unveiled a fully automated 'self-bag drop' system in 2018 and piloted the DigiYatra initiative in 2019 to optimize passenger flow and alleviate queues. The biometric self-bag drop process for DigiYatra passengers at Bengaluru airport involves selecting the 'scan your face biometric for baggage drop' option and choosing the 'DigiYatra' icon. Subsequently, passengers are prompted to look into the camera for biometric image capture, after which the system generates flight details and requests a declaration of dangerous goods. Once declared, passengers place their bags on the conveyor, attach a baggage tag, and scan, weigh, and feed the bags into the baggage managing system, receiving a baggage receipt after that. In instances of excess baggage, passengers are directed to a counter for payment, with plans to integrate UPI payment options for real-time excess baggage payments. Passengers preferring traditional methods can continue initiating the self-bag drop process by scanning their boarding pass.

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