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Bharat Forge partners Boeing for supply of titanium forgings

New Delhi: Boeing said it had signed a multi-year contract with Pune-based Bharat Forge to supply titanium forgings to be used in the wings of next-generation 737 and 737 MAX. The aircraft manufacturer made the announcement at the Aero India show here on Wednesday.

Under the agreement, Bharat Forge will supply pre-machined forgings from its facilities in Pune and Baramati to Boeing in the first quarter of 2016. The titanium parts will be heat-treated, shaped in a forging press, and machined by Bharat Forge before being shipped to Boeing for finish machining into components. The components will, then, be installed in 737 and 737 MAX wings at Boeing’s assembly plant at Renton in Washington. “We are pleased to welcome Bharat Forge into our supply chain as they have an impressive record of performance across many industries,” said Kent Fisher, vice-president and general manager (supplier management), Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The contract reinforces the Boeing supply chain strategy to expand forging supply base through partnering with high performance companies like Bharat Forge, he said.

Boeing currently has forging contracts with suppliers in Asia, Europe, Russia, and North America and will continue to add new sources of forgings around the world.

“The partnership with Boeing highlights our capabilities in titanium forging and our unwavering commitment to offer high end technology and tangible value in the aerospace sector,” said Kalyani.

“We have mastered the stringent process requirements for titanium forgings and will be supplying critical forgings for wing components in one of Boeing’s high volume products. This also confirms our resolve to meet the aspirations of the ‘Make in India’ drive”, Kalyani added.

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