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Coal Production records 6.13% growth to 79.60 million tonnes in January

During January 2022, India’s coal production increased 6.13% to 79.60 million tonnes (MT), up from 75 MT during Jan 2020.

According to provisional figures from the Ministry of Coal, Coal India Ltd (CIL) produced 64.50 MT of coal in January, a gain of 2.35% over the same month last year. Singareni Collieries Ltd (SCCL) increased production by 5.42% to 6.03 MT, and captive blocks increased production by 44.91% to 9.07 MT during the time.
14 of the top 35 coal mines produced more than 100% of their capacity, while another six mines produced between 80% and 100%. Similarly, power utilities dispatch increased by 18.70 % to 63.22 MT of coal in January 2022, compared to 53.26 MT in January 2020.

In contrast to January 2020, coal-fired power generation increased by 9.21% in January 2022. In January 2022, total power generation was 6.69% greater than in January 2020. Furthermore, coal-based power generation in January 2022 was 88642 MU, up from 85579 MU in December 2021, representing a 3.58 % increase. Total electricity generation climbed to 115757 MU in January 2022, up from 113094 MU in December 2021.

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