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Department of Defence Production institutionalizes 'Swachhta' in its field offices across the country through Special Campaign 2.0 on Cleanliness

The Department of Defense Production has organised cleanliness drives at 294 different locations across the country. During the period, the department also resolved 9 pending issues from Members of Parliament, 1 public grievance referred by the PMO, and 231 general public grievances. Around 850 physical files were reviewed, with 322 of them being discarded. So far, the sale of scrap has generated Rs. 107,200,960 (US$ 1.29 million) in revenue, and 75,145 square feet of space has been freed up.

Since October 2nd, 2022, the Department of Defence Production has been conducting Special Campaign 2.0 on Swachhta across its offices in New Delhi, as well as all field offices and local units. It began with a preparatory phase from September 14-30, 2022, during which targets for the campaign period were identified. This year, there is a special emphasis on field/outstation offices. Priority is being given to offices responsible for public interface and service delivery during this campaign.

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