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Digi Yatra app users number crosses 45.8 lakhs.

The Digi Yatra app, offering a contactless and paperless airport experience through facial recognition, has witnessed notable growth in user adoption and airport implementation. As of February 10, 2024, the app boasts 45.8 lakh users, a 20.5% increase from January 1st. Interestingly, Android and iOS platforms grew healthy, reaching 21.2 lakh and 24.6 lakh users respectively.

Initially launched at three airports in December 2022, Digi Yatra has expanded its reach to 13 airports across India. This wider footprint has seen the app's total passenger count reach 14.49 million as of February 11th. Notably, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad airports recorded the highest adoption rates, showcasing significant passenger interest in the streamlined experience offered by Digi Yatra.

This rapid user base growth and airport expansion highlight Digi Yatra's potential to revolutionize air travel in India. As more passengers become familiar with and adopt the app, the benefits of faster check-in processes and reduced queues are likely to become even more evident, encouraging further usage and expansion.

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