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GAIL set to commission India's first green hydrogen project in April.

  • IBEF
  • March 27, 2024

India's state-run natural gas company, GAIL (India) Ltd., is set to inaugurate the nation's inaugural green hydrogen project at its Vijaipur complex in Madhya Pradesh by April, marking a pivotal milestone in the country's sustainable energy transition. The project features a 10-megawatt proton exchange membrane electrolyser from Canada, expected to produce 4.3 metric tons of high-purity hydrogen daily. The initiative aligns with India's ambitious target of achieving 5 million tons of annual green hydrogen production by 2030.

Despite initial challenges anticipated during the commissioning phase, the company anticipates swift production commencement within a month. GAIL's proactive strides in green hydrogen underscore its commitment to fostering technological advancements and contributing to India's eco-friendly future. Meanwhile, the Union government's recent release of guidelines for green hydrogen pilot projects in the transportation sector reflects a broader national commitment to sustainable innovation.

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