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HMD launches Safety Cannula to prevent needle stick injuries

New Delhi: Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices Ltd (HMD) - the world's largest manufacturer of SMART (auto disable) syringes, has announced the launch of the next-generation Cathy Safety IV Cannula with SIP CLIP, for preventing needle stick injuries.

According to WHO, if Safety Cannula is made mandatory in hospitals, then around 80% of all hospital staff can be saved from needle stick injuries.

HMD has invested over Rs 100 crore for setting up of a new manufacturing facility at Ballabhgarh, to manufacture the next generation 'Safety IV Cannula with SIP CLIP'.

The plant is spread on an area of 5.5 acres and will have the capacity to initially produce 36 million units of 'Safety IV Cannula' to meet the rising export demand to Europe, which is expected to be around over 50%, and the balance for domestic demand for its new revolutionary technology, designed to prevent needle-stick injuries, which is very common among health workers and nursing staff.

Rajiv Nath, Jt. Managing Director of Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices Limited (HMD), said, "We are particularly excited about the prospects of our latest offering 'Safety IV Cannula with this Sharps Injury Prevention SIP Clip', which will certainly boost our export profile. We will be exporting this product to more than 20 countries by 2017. We have already shipped over 1.5 million I.V Cannulas to Scandinavia recently and have received excellent feedback and clinical acceptance."

He expressed hope that the government will make 'Safety Cannula' mandatory for treatment of people, especially those affected with serious blood borne infections like Hepatitis and HIV.

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