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In the last 9 years, MSME Tool Room and training centres provided training to 16 lakh youth, and 3 lakh MSME units benefitted: Mr. Narayan Rane

On the occasion of "National Small Industries Day," Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Mr. Narayan Rane tweeted that 18 tool rooms and technology centres run nationwide by the Ministry of MSME, which have trained 16 lakh youth in the past nine years, that subsequently benefitted over 3 lakh MSME units.

Mr. Rane stated that the Ministry of MSME's Tool Rooms and Technology Centres are making a substantial contribution to realising Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's aspiration of a self-sufficient India. These tool rooms and technology centres also provide step-by-step assistance in the manufacture of cutting-edge items.

According to Mr. Rane, these tool rooms design and produce medium and small-size equipment in accordance with worldwide standards for usage in industries such as sports goods, plastic, automobile, footwear, glass, perfume, foundry and forging, electronics, and space sector.

Bhubaneswar Tool Room produced around 54,000 aero-space components of 437 different types for the recently launched Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft.

During the difficult times of the Corona epidemic, tool rooms played a key role in meeting domestic needs for PPE kits, sanitising machines, and oxygen concentrators and exporting them to foreign nations.

The MSME Minister announced via Twitter that 15 new technological centres are being established to improve the country's MSME units.

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