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India delivers 3.3 tons of essential medical supplies to Sri Lanka

In accordance with its "neighbourhood first" policy, India once again stepped up to assist Sri Lanka during its economic crisis, as High Commissioner to Colombo Mr. Gopal Baglay handed over 3.3 tonnes of crucial medical supplies to the 1990 Suwaseriya Ambulance Service. More than 25 tonnes of drugs and medical supplies supplied by the Indian government and citizens in the previous two months are worth close to SLR 370 million (US$ 1.02 million).

This is in addition to the approximately US$ 3.5 billion in economic support and the supply of other humanitarian commodities like as rice, milk powder, kerosene, and so on. These humanitarian supplies are part of the Government of India's continued help to the people of Sri Lanka in a variety of forms, including financial assistance, forex support, material supply, and many more. India is becoming a more powerful and mutually advantageous partner for Sri Lanka. Aside from providing assistance during the pandemic and fertiliser upheaval, India is also supplying basic items to island nations.

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