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India expected to become centre of world aviation in 15 years, says Airbus.

  • IBEF
  • February 29, 2024

India is poised to emerge as a global aviation hub within 15 years, driven by robust demand, capacity, and well-operated airlines, stated Mr. Edward Delahaye, Airbus's head of customer accounts for India and South Asia. With approximately 800 commercial aircraft in operation, predominantly from Airbus, India's aviation sector is experiencing significant growth, fuelled by factors such as domestic traffic expansion, GDP growth, and efforts to reclaim international traffic. Mr. Delahaye also highlighted the need for improved airport connectivity in India, especially for seamless passenger transitions between domestic and international flights, emphasizing the importance of smooth airport operations like those seen in Singapore or Doha. He expressed confidence in India's aviation potential, citing major aircraft orders by IndiGo and Air India as indicators of the country's growing influence in the industry. Mr. Delahaye envisions India as a central player in global aviation in the coming years, with expanding airport infrastructure positioning it as a vital connecting hub worldwide. He also speculated on potential competition with West Asian carriers and the possibility of extending connectivity to regions like Central Asia or the Pacific.

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