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India is 15th in the top 25 AI nations but has the 'greatest upward potential.'

  • IBEF
  • December 27, 2023

India, ranked 15th among the top 25 Artificial Intelligence nations, is identified by Tufts University's business school, the Fletcher School, as possessing 'the greatest upward potential.' The United States leads the list, with China closely following, aiming for global AI leadership, trailed by the UK, Japan, and Germany. India's 15th position places it ahead of countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, and Thailand, showcasing its considerable standing in the AI landscape. The research conducted by Mr. Bhaskar Chakrovorti, the Dean of Global Business at the Fletcher School, analysed AI development based on four key drivers. These include the rapid accumulation of data through broadband consumption, regulations governing data access (encompassing data governance policies and cross-border data flow), capital considerations such as talent, investments, and diversity in AI talent, and innovation indicators like patent applications and citations.

India's significant potential in the AI domain is underscored by its status as the second-fastest-growing data pool among the studied countries, surpassed only by Indonesia. Notably, India currently holds the world's largest pool of mobile data, laying a crucial foundation for advancing AI capabilities. Mr. Bhaskar Chakrovorti emphasises that India's potential in AI could be enormous if managed appropriately. He highlights the importance of responsible accessibility to data in accelerating India's position as a 'data-rich' country, a pivotal factor for AI advancement.

In the dynamic landscape of AI development, India's positioning reflects its current standing and the promising trajectory it can follow with strategic steering and responsible data utilisation.

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