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India outpacing world in renewable energy adoption: US Ambassador, Mr. Eric Garcetti

  • IBEF
  • March 28, 2024

The US Ambassador to India, Mr. Eric Garcetti, lauded India's leading role in renewable energy adoption, stressing the necessity for enhanced collaboration between New Delhi and Washington in tackling climate change. Speaking at the US-India Forum on Decarbonising Pathways, Mr. Garcetti emphasized the urgency of deploying clean energy to foster sustainable economic growth and protect vulnerable communities.

Highlighting the pivotal partnership between the two largest democracies, he expressed optimism about India's strides in renewable energy, underscoring the collective responsibility of both developed and developing nations in addressing climate change. He highlighted successful strategies, including reliable and affordable deployment of clean energy, to mitigate climate risks and promote sustainable development during his tenure as the mayor of Los Angeles.

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