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India’s aviation boom could support another international hub, says Air India CEO, Mr. Campbell Wilson.

  • IBEF
  • March 21, 2024

India's aviation industry is rapidly expanding, prompting the CEO of Air India Ltd., Mr. Campbell Wilson, to suggest establishing an additional international hub alongside Mumbai and Delhi. Wilson envisions India supporting three hubs and numerous point-to-point services, leveraging its unique geographical advantages. With robust connectivity between Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia via northern and southern India, the country presents significant growth opportunities in the global aviation market.

Air India's ambitious expansion plans include one of the largest-ever jet purchases, with orders for 470 aircraft from Airbus SE and Boeing Co. Bloomberg notes India's burgeoning consumer class and economic growth, forecasting the nation to emerge as one of the world's largest travel markets. Indian airlines, including leading carrier IndiGo and emerging player Akasa, have placed orders for over 1,100 aircraft, with substantial investments allocated for developing new airports by 2025. Air India is actively bolstering its fleet with frequent aircraft deliveries and ongoing efforts to enhance services and competitiveness through a comprehensive transformation program under the Tata Group's ownership.

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