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India's power consumption rises nearly 9% to 152.38 billion units in June

India's power consumption rose by nearly 9% to 152.38 billion units (BU) in June 2024 compared to last year, driven primarily by scorching heat that led to excessive use of cooling appliances such as air conditioners and desert coolers. In June 2023, power consumption was recorded at 140.27 BU, according to official data. The highest supply in a day (peak power demand met) also increased to 245.41 GW in June 2024, up from 223.29 GW in the same month last year. The peak power demand was recorded at 224.10 GW in June 2023. The peak power demand reached an all-time high of 250.20 GW in May 2024, surpassing the previous 243.27 GW set in September 2023.

Experts indicated that the scorching heat and humidity in the latter part of June, due to the arrival of monsoon rains in many parts of the country, forced people to use cooling appliances excessively, leading to increased power consumption and demand. They noted that the demand for power and consumption would likely remain steady in the coming days due to high humidity, making using air conditioners inevitable. Earlier this year, the power ministry projected a peak power demand of 235 GW during daytime, 225 GW during evening hours for May, 240 GW during daytime, and 235 GW during evening hours for June 2024. The ministry also estimated that peak power demand might hit 260 GW this summer.

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