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India set to become largest lentil producer in 2023-24: Official

  • IBEF
  • January 15, 2024

India is poised to become the leading global producer of lentils in the 2023-24 crop year, with an estimated production surge to approximately 1.6 million tonnes, according to Consumer Affairs Secretary Mr. Rohit Kumar Singh. The government aims for self-sufficiency in pulses by December 2027 but anticipates a reliance on imports for some time. The expected lentil production for 2023-24 would mark a significant increase since 2017-18, propelled by a notable rise in Minimum Support Price (MSP) and favorable market dynamics, encouraging heightened cultivation by farmers.

Lentil production in Canada, initially projected higher, has been scaled down, further positioning India as a prominent lentil producer. Australia, another major global player, is estimated to produce around 1.4 million tonnes of lentils in 2023-24. Lentils have gained significance in India, particularly amid diplomatic tensions with Canada, a major lentil-growing nation. While India remains a substantial importer of lentils, increased domestic production may lead to reduced imports.

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