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India set to export indigenously-developed 4G, 5G stacks in 2024: Officials

  • IBEF
  • January 22, 2024

The Indian government is strategically targeting the export of domestically developed 4G and 5G technology stacks in 2024, aligning with its policy to attract investments and leverage technological capabilities as a crucial element of its foreign policy. Multiple countries, including Kenya, Mauritius, Papua New Guinea, and Egypt, have expressed interest in adopting Indian telecom technology, with at least 15 global telecom operators and nine nations making inquiries.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) official revealed that responses to these inquiries would be systematically addressed, and Indian telecom technology is set to be exported globally in the latter half of 2024. The technology, spearheaded by a consortium led by the Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) under the DoT, has already garnered attention for its global standards.

Since 2022, the Indian government has been actively offering its complete range of telecom equipment and associated technologies to other nations, showcasing them during G20 discussions on the digital economy. The stacks were also presented during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visits to the United States and France in 2023.

This technological outreach represents a strategic foreign policy move for India and aims to position the country as a significant player in the global telecom arena. With only a few countries currently possessing end-to-end 4G-5G stacks – namely the US, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, and China – India's entry into this exclusive group could disrupt the prevailing standards, prices, and market conditions dictated by companies from these nations.

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