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‘India setting itself up for major logistics success’: DHL Express CEO

  • IBEF
  • March 14, 2024

Mr. John Pearson, global CEO of DHL Express, recently highlighted India's potential as a key market, noting its status as the fifth-largest economy and robust GDP growth. He praised India's innovation and creativity, foreseeing significant success in the logistics sector. Pearson also lauded Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's National Logistics Policy, expressing confidence in its role in driving industry growth.

Despite global conflicts, Mr. Pearson expressed optimism for resolution while underscoring DHL Express's resilience in navigating crises. He cited India as a prime example of the company's adaptability and success in diverse environments. At the launch of the DHL Global Connectedness Report, Mr. Pearson emphasized the enduring relevance of globalization, stressing its role in expanding markets and fostering opportunities for a prosperous future.

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