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India to get high speed wi-fi at all public places

New Delhi: Citizens will soon get a minimum of 2 megabits per second Wi-Fi speed at every government owned service point such as railways stations, airports, bus stops, hospitals and all government departments that deal with the public on a daily basis.

Recognising the low internet penetration in India, the government is keen to expand the internet accessibility by introducing the public wi-fi hotspots across cities in India.

The wi-fi services will also be extended to government schools and colleges and all tourist locations. The government has decided to create 25 or more such wi-fi hotspots before June 2015.

The government has prepared a request for proposal (RFP) to invite existing and new telecom service providers to participate in the project that is likely to be offered without any entry fee. The government will also facilitate with securing infrastructuure and security clearances for setting up the servers and equipments.

A senior official in communications ministry said, “The government intends to facilitate provision of ubiquitous internet connectivity which could propel quicker adoption of the e-governance and e-business.”

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