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India will lead the world in 6G: Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at the India Mobile Congress

  • IBEF
  • October 30, 2023

At the 7th India Mobile Congress in New Delhi on October 27, 2023, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi remarked that India will lead the world in 6G technology. According to him, last year saw the quickest adoption of 5G technology in India. The government is currently attempting to lead in 6G.

In less than a year after the launch, 400,000 5G base stations have been installed in India, according to Mr. Narendra Modi.

The Prime Minister emphasised that India is now the world's second-largest mobile manufacturer, in contrast to 2014 when the nation was a net importer of mobile devices.

He added that the country also produces electronics worth Rs. 2 trillion (US$ 24 billion) for export. In addition, he said that building a robust semiconductor manufacturing sector in the nation is the need of the hour in order to build on the success of the mobile and electronics industry.

"Today semiconductor companies from around the world, in collaboration with Indian companies, are investing in semiconductor assembly and testing facilities in the country," he stated. The Prime Minister emphasised that India's semiconductor plan is not only working on meeting the domestic demand but also to meet the global requirements.

He also mentioned that India's ranking in broadband speed has improved from 118 to 43.

Additionally, he stated that the nation's social and economic conditions are greatly impacted by the speed and accessibility of connectivity. The Center's main goal in this regard is to make capital, resources, and technology accessible.

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