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Indian coffee exports surge 13.35% to 125,000 tonnes in Jan-Mar, shows data

  • IBEF
  • April 9, 2024

India's coffee exports surged by 13.35% to 1,25,631 tonnes in the January-March period of this year, attributed to increased demand for Robusta coffee. Robusta exports rose by 18%, while Arabica shipments declined. Instant coffee and re-export volumes also saw growth during this period, contributing to a total export value of US$ 437.8 million (Rs. 3,644 crore), with a unit value realization of US$ 3,485 (Rs. 2,90,057) per tonne. Major export destinations include Italy, Russia, the UAE, Germany, and Turkey. Looking ahead, India's coffee production for the 2023-24 marketing year is projected to be 3,74,200 tonnes, higher than the previous year's output of 3,52,000 tonnes.

In 2023, India experienced a 5.4% decline in coffee exports, totalling 3.77 lakh tonnes for the full year. However, the country remains a significant player in the global coffee market as Asia's third-largest producer and exporter, cultivating Arabica and Robusta varieties. The Coffee Board of India anticipates continued growth in production and export volumes, emphasizing the importance of robust strategies to maintain competitiveness in international markets.

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