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Indian Railways achieve 6,577 Route Kilometres electrification in the calendar year 2023

With a commitment to eco-friendly, efficient transportation, Indian Railways aims for 100% electrification of Broad-Gauge tracks. In the calendar year 2023, 6,577 Route Kilometres were electrified, reaching a total of 61,508 Route Kilometres by December 2023, accounting for 93.83% of the Indian Railways' total Broad-Gauge route (65,556 RKMs). Before 2014, 21,801 Km of the broad-gauge network had been electrified.

The advantages of Railway Electrification include reduced operating costs, enhanced capacity for heavier freight and longer passenger trains, increased throughput, improved sectional capacity by eliminating traction change delays, and an environmentally friendly mode of transport. This strategic move also reduces reliance on imported crude oil, contributing to savings in precious foreign currency.

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