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Indian Railways earned over Rs. 2,500 Crore (US$ 304.11 million) through scrap sale till September

Indian Railways reported impressive scrap sales in the first half of this fiscal year (2022–2023). Indian Railways has made a total of Rs. 2,582 crore (US$ 304.11 million) through this transaction as of September 2022, which is a 28.91% increase over the Rs. 2,003 crore (US$ 243.29 million) earned during the same period of the previous FY 2021–22. For the fiscal year 2022–2023, a target of Rs. 4,400 crores (US$ 535.24 million) has been set for scrap revenue.

In 2022–2023, ferrous scrap totaling 393,421 MT was disposed of, compared to 360,732 MT in 2021–2022. Additionally, 1,751 waggons, 1,421 coaches, and 97 locomotives were disposed of in 2022–2023, as opposed to 1,835 waggons, 954 coaches, and 77 locomotives in 2021–2022 up until September of that year. The production and sale of unusable/scrap railroad material is a continuous operation that is closely supervised by the Railway Board and the Zonal Railways.

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