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Indian Railways operates a Record Number of additional Trains in Summer Season of 2024

Indian Railways is set to accommodate the surge in summer travel demand by operating a record-breaking 9111 trips during the 2024 season, a significant increase from the 6369 trips in 2022-23. This marks a 43% rise in service provision, strategically planned to connect key destinations across the country and address the seasonal rush from states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and others. The dynamic process of planning additional train services involves inputs from various channels such as media reports, social media, and passenger reservation data, ensuring adjustments in the number of trains and trips to meet evolving demand.

To enhance passenger comfort and safety, measures include the availability of drinking water at stations, elaborate crowd control arrangements, and Railway Protection Force personnel deployment for queue management and real-time assistance. Government Railway Police and RPF staff are stationed at foot-over bridges to regulate crowd flow and prevent stampede incidents. Indian Railways remains committed to providing a convenient travel experience, with tickets for these additional trains available at railway counters or through the IRCTC website/app.

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