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Indian Railways recorded the monthly freight loading of 126.46 MT for April, 2023

Indian Railways (IR) has a recorded monthly freight loading of 126.46 million tonnes (MT) in April, 2023. 4.25 MT of additional loading was recorded in April, which is an increase of 3.5% over the April, 2022 figures. The amount of freight revenue in April was US$ 1.69 billion (Rs. 13,893 crore), registering a 7% increase from April, 2022.

In comparison to April, 2022, IR loaded 62.39 MT of coal, 14.49 MT of iron ore, 12.60 MT of cement, 9.03 MT of balance other goods, 6.74 MT of containers, 5.64 MT of steel, 5.11 MT of food grains, 4.05 MT of mineral oil, and 3.90 MT of fertilisers.

Following the mantra "Hungry For Cargo," the Indian Railways has consistently worked to make it easier to do business and to supply services at affordable pricing, which has led to an increase in both traditional and non-traditional commodities streams using railways.

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