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Indian start-ups raise US$ 1.27 billion in November 2022: Highest since the beginning of funding downtrend since June

  • IBEF
  • December 5, 2022

Indian start-ups raised US$ 1.27 billion of funding in November, which is the highest since June, and at the same time, a funding downtrend started becoming visible and affected the financing market. This increase has mostly been led by early and growth-stage rounds that crossed the mark of US$ 1 billion after more than five months, according to the data from Venture Intelligence.

In June, Indian start-ups raised US$ 2.36 billion, and then slowed down to US$ 877 million in July, US$ 981 million in August and US$ 787 million in September. However, there has been some recovery in the last two months. There have been instances where the founders were initially waiting for better valuations, but in due course signed off the deals, just to get their cash flow running.

Some tech investors said that although there has been improvement in the initial rounds of funding, the late-stage rounds continue to be a situation of stress.

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