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Indians choosing Southeast Asia even more post visa relaxation, reveals data.

  • IBEF
  • February 1, 2024

The recent visa waivers for Indian travelers implemented by Malaysia and Thailand have yielded positive results, as indicated by search data from the travel platform Agoda. With the introduction of 30-day and 90-day tourist visas, demand for travel to these Southeast Asian destinations has surged. Thailand, a perennial favourite among holiday-goers, has witnessed a notable uptick in popularity, with a 44% increase in searches from India. Similarly, searches for Malaysia have spiked by 49% in January compared to October the previous year. Agoda's insights also reveal that Bangkok has emerged as the top outbound city destination for Indian travelers, surpassing Dubai since the visa relaxations were put into effect. Additionally, Pattaya has ascended to the third position among preferred beach destinations. 

The top five city destinations for Indians now include Bangkok, Dubai, Pattaya, Singapore, and Bali. This trend underscores the significant impact of visa relaxations on travel preferences among Indian tourists. The study also notes that Indian travelers benefit from visa-free access to 62 countries, as per the Henley Passport Index. Moreover, Skyscanner data indicates a strong interest among Indians in short-haul destinations, with searches for places like Krabi and Mahe Island reflecting a preference for leisurely vacations. The primary factors influencing Indian travelers' destination choices include food, culture, and weather, with activities such as shopping, historical tours, and culinary experiences ranking high on their travel agendas, as revealed by search data.

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