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Jammu and Kashmir's tourism flourishes, receives highest footfall since Independence

  • IBEF
  • October 10, 2022

According to the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Textiles Mr. Piyush Goyal, Jammu & Kashmir has seen the biggest number of tourists since British control ended in India. The update supports the Central Government's determination to repeal the state's unique powers in 2019. The government of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi hailed the figures as evidence of strong economic progress in the region.

According to Mr. Goyal, 16.2 million visitors have visited the state since January, the most in 75 years, and that the government's transformative actions and reforms to elevate Jammu and Kashmir have provided a huge boost to tourism. The record tourist arrivals are a benefit for Mr. Modi's government, which in 2019 stripped Jammu and Kashmir of its special powers, and integrated it with the rest of the country.

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