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Mahindra Group to invest nearly US$ 144 million (Rs. 1,200 crore) in renewable energy projects

  • IBEF
  • April 16, 2024

Mahindra Susten is embarking on a new journey into the hybrid renewable energy sector with a groundbreaking US$ 144 million (Rs. 1,200-crore) project in Maharashtra. This initiative, integrating 101 MW of wind and 52 MW of solar capacity, aims to generate a staggering 460 million kWh of clean energy, significantly reducing CO2 emissions by 420,000 tonnes. The project, scheduled for completion within two years, underscores Mahindra Group's strong commitment to sustainability and its pivotal role in the global energy transition to combat climate change. CEO & MD of Mahindra Group, Mr. Anish Shah, emphasizes their dedication to fostering 'Planet Positive' businesses, while CEO & MD of Mahindra Susten, Mr. Deepak Thakur, highlights the transformative potential of hybrid RE solutions in facilitating the transition to green operations.

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