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Ministry of Panchayati Raj launched Geographic Information System application “Gram Manchitra” to encourage the Spatial Planning by the Gram Panchayat

The Ministry of Panchayati Raj has introduced the Geographic Information System (GIS) application "Gram Manchitra” This application leverages geo-spatial technology, offering Gram Panchayats a unified platform for planning at their level. It serves as a comprehensive decision support system for the formulation of Gram Panchayat Development Plans (GPDP) by providing a visual representation of developmental works across various sectors.

Additionally, the ministry has launched "mActionSoft," a mobile-based solution designed for capturing photos with Geo-Tags (GPS Coordinates) for projects with assets as outcomes. The geo-tagging process occurs at different stages: before the commencement of work, during the work, and upon completion.

Furthermore, assets developed using funds from the Finance Commission are geotagged, incorporating photographs by the Panchayats. The GIS data of these geotagged assets on the Panchayat map can be accessed and visualized through the Gram Manchitra application. Gram Manchitra offers an array of planning tools that utilize GIS technology to assist Gram Panchayat officials in formulating pragmatic and achievable development plans. These tools encompass functionalities for identifying potential project sites, tracking assets, estimating project costs, and evaluating project impacts.

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