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MoRTH builds over 12,000 km of highways in FY24, the second highest so far.

  • IBEF
  • April 10, 2024

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) accomplished a remarkable achievement in the fiscal year 2024 by building 12,349 kilometres of highways throughout India, the second highest in the country’s history, per a senior government official. This follows the record construction of 13,327 kilometres in 2020-21. Additionally, the ministry awarded 8,581 national highway projects during the same period. Furthermore, a pilot project has been initiated by the government to offer cashless treatment to victims of road accidents, providing coverage of up to US$ 1802.7 (Rs 1.5 lakh) per individual.

The accomplishment of MoRTH in exceeding 12,000 kilometres highlights the government's constant commitment to infrastructure development. This milestone shows a proactive approach to meeting the nation's expanding transportation needs. Furthermore, the massive highway construction is a calculated investment in the country's future, setting the stage for sustainable growth and promoting higher socioeconomic development in India.

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