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October records 185% surge in retail sales of electric vehicles in India

  • IBEF
  • November 10, 2022

According to the newest figures by Federation of Automobile Dealers Association of India (FADA), retail electric car sales in India increased by around 185% in October over the same month last year.

In October, total retail sales of electric vehicles (EVs), including passenger vehicles, reached 111,971 units, according to new data released by FADA on Wednesday. 39,329 EVs had been sold as of October 2021.

3,745 passenger electric vehicle (EV) units were sold during the month, up 17% from the 1,346 units sold during the same month a year earlier.

Sales of electric commercial vehicles increased by 125.64% in October to 274 units. Sales of two-wheeled electric vehicles as of October 2022 totaled 73,169 units; sales during the same month a year ago were 19,826. This is a growth of 269.06% YoY.

During the month under review, sales of three-wheeler EVs increased 92.87% to 34,793 units from 18,040 units in October 2021.

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