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Odisha signs MoU with PMSRF for free cardiac treatment of children

  • IBEF
  • November 23, 2020

An MoU with the Prasanti Medical Services and Research Foundation (PMSRF) has been signed by the Odisha government to extend free cardiac care services to poor children, official sources said on Friday.

The agreement would remain in effect at Satya Sai Heart Hospital in Ahmedabad for the next two years. The marginalized and disadvantaged children would benefit from the agreement significantly, they said.

"All the services are provided at no cost. Till now, 1,019 children have undergone cardiac surgery and cured of their heart ailments," an official said, adding that due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the next batch of children with cardiac diseases will be sent for diagnosis soon after a brief pause.

Odisha Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Patnaik, said the government is committed to making every effort to meet people's healthcare needs, particularly the underprivileged and the under-served, in an equitable, accessible manner.

He added that one such remarkable step in this direction was to ensure that Odisha's poor families receive free cardiac care and are given a new life.

Expressing satisfaction over the free care of more than 1,000 patients with heart defects from the state since the PMSRF agreement a few years ago, the chief minister commended the foundation for devotion to serving the society.

The state government is renewing the MoU to ensure that the poor citizens of the state continue to access this vital health service in recognition of this initiative, the chief minister said.

Justice Mr. Vineet Saran, Supreme Court Judge, described Odisha as his second home. He added that it was his pleasure to do something for the administration.

The selfless, compassionate contribution of the state government and the Satya Sai Heart Hospital was appreciated by Orissa HC Chief Justice Mohammad Rafiq. He said that no religion is better than service to humanity.

The Minister of Health and Family Welfare reiterated the commitment of the state government to serving citizens from poorer sections of society.

Satya Sai Heart Hospital Managing Trustee Mr. Manoj Bhimani presented a short description of the services extended by the institution.

The foundation is responsible for both pre- and post-operative treatment of hospital patients, including medications, stents, coils, and others. As per their eligibility under various government schemes implemented in the state, transport assistance is provided by the state government to the patients along with escorts referred to PMSRF, Odisha Health and Family Welfare Minister Mr. N K Das said.

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